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How do I setup a mission trip?
How do I setup a mission trip?

Setting up your first mission trip in the V2 admin portal

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A mission trip allows you to manage donor communications, participant communications, fundraising efforts, and provides a personal fundraising page for each participant. A mission trip must be tied to a fund in Vision2.

 A mission trip setup includes 4 sets of steps:

Step 1: Setup the mission trip designation details. This includes providing a start and end date for the trip. The time before the trip start date is the fundraising period.

Step 2: Setup volunteer requirements. Requirements may include a background check, a valid drivers license, or a minimum age for participants. 

Step 3: Group volunteer requirements into specific volunteer roles for your trip. Roles can include Trip Leader, Trip Participant, Nurse, etc. You'll assign the roles to your mission trip, according to the trip needs. You are ready to start adding participants to the mission trip!

Step 4: Work with your web person to add several mission trip landing pages to your website.

Please click the button below to download the complete mission trip setup document.

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