Learning Videos

This collection of Learning Videos provides narrated step-by-step instruction on completing key tasks.

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Getting Started

Overview documents for setting up Vision2

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User Management

Manage users

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Common Vision2 security questions

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Data Management

people and organization management

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Campaigns and Giving Goals

Help artices related to creating/managing campagns and giving goals/pledges

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Text To Give

manage the Vision2 text to give service

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Check and Envelope Scanning

using the Vision2 check scanning service to process and deposit checks electronically

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Online Giving Setup

Setting up statements, designation content, promotion lists, ask ladders, email and web acknowledgements, widget landing pages

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Vision2 accounting functionality

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Online Gift Management

scheduled/recurring giving, editing payments, outstanding commitments

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Offline Giving Setup

setting up campuses, services, offline general sources, and batch templates

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Offline Gift Management

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Donor Notifications

triggered email communications and statements

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Mission Trips

working with mission trips

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Premiums and Fulfillment

instructions to utilize the quid pro quo gift/catalog item feature

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Slack Integration for Notifications

Using Slack for staff notifications

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Online Giving Instructions for Donors

How-to articles for donors using online giving

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Vision2 Customer Bulletins

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fee and processing FAQs

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