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Manage Mission Trip Participants

Overview of the mission trip fundraisers section on the Volunteering tab

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Location: Volunteering > Fundraising > Mission Trip Fundraisers

When you click the Mission Trip Fundraisers link, you will be taken to the index page

On this page, you can perform several actions:

You can search for

A specific participant
A specific mission trip
A set of participants based on the approval status of their fundraising image and/or their fundraising statement
All trips associated with a specific designation

You can review participant information:

Personal Statement
Display name that is presented on the web page
Fundraising Goal Amount
Total funding raised

You can manage participant-specific information:

Approve or reject personal statement (must be enabled on the mission trip, not retroactive)
Edit/replace a current personal statement
Approve or reject personal photo (must be enabled on the mission trip, not retroactive)
Upload a new personal photo
Change the display name
Change the individual’s goal amount

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