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Is there one report to look at all mission trip giving?
Is there one report to look at all mission trip giving?

Use the campaign functionality to report against your active mission trips

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Great news! There is now a single place to report against your mission trip giving. You can use the campaign functionality to setup reporting for your mission trips. 

Create and Archive Report-Only Campaign

  • Gather a list of active mission trips, making note of the starting and ending dates. In this example, we have two active mission trips: Guatamala and Peru

  •  In the V2 admin portal, navigate to: Finance > Designations > Campaigns > Add a new Campaign

  •  In the Name text box, type a name that reflects this is a reporting-only campaign

  • Copy the Name of the campaign and paste it in the Short Description and Long Description text box fields.

  • In the Fund search box, search for and select any fund. You will not be reporting against this selected fund, but the fund field is required to create a campaign. 

  • In the Start Date and End Date boxes, make sure you use a wide enough date range to capture all of the giving for the mission trips that are included in this report. For example: we started collecting donations for both of our example trips on January 1, 2017. We will stop accepting donations for our longest running trip at the end of 2021.

  • You can enter anything into the Designated Account Segment and DesignationCode, as this campaign is report-only

  •  You don't need to upload a photo, as this campaign is for internal use only

  • In the Participating Designations section, search for and select all mission trips that you wish to report against 

  • Click Save & I'm Done

  •  You will be returned to the Campaign index view. Scroll down to the campaign you just created and click the X to archive the campaign.

  • Click OK to confirm your choice 

Please note: Archiving the report prevents any payments from accidentally being attributed to this report-only campaign

View Report

  • In the Campaign index view, click the Use Advanced Search button

  • Click the Archived check box

  • Click Search

  • Click the Name of your report-only campaign 

  • Click on the Reports button in the upper, right-hand corner

  • Make sure you are on the Payment History tab

  • Scroll down to view the payments on-screen or click the Download Information button to export a copy of the payments to Excel

  • This report includes the participant being supported by the donation in the Communication Name column (AI)

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