Yes! For active campaigns, you can include giving goal/pledges with total amount funded on donor statements. Please follow the steps below.

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and click on the Finance tab

  • Under the Statements menu section on the left-hand side, click the Configure Statements link

  • Click the Edit Configuration button in the bottom right-hand corner

  • Scroll down to the Giving Goals section and click the Show on Statement Summary Page check box

    • Enter a Title for the goals section. Examples: Commitments, Pledges, Goals, etc.

    • Provide a Pledge label. Examples: Pledge Amount, Goal Amount, Total Commitment, etc.

    • Provide a Given label. Examples: Given, Funded, Total Given, etc.

  • Click Save & I’m Done

  • This will be displayed on the summary page of the donor statement

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