V2 actively runs duplicate detection every time a new Individual or Organization is manually created. To prevent the creation of duplicate profiles, V2 attempts to match the incoming profiles.

Despite the process, duplicates can still be created:

  • Donor registers for an online account with a physical or email address that does not match an existing profile

  • Donor registers for Text to Give and provides and email address that is not already on their existing profile

  • Donor creates a login account through a Church Management System

  • V2 Admin manually imports profiles

The duplicate report will help identify these duplicates in the V2 Portal to simply help the cleanup process.

To access the report, go to Data Entry>People>Duplicates

The report is an excel spreadsheet that will be emailed to the specified email address(es). Completion time is dependent on volume of data it will return.

The Subject will be: Profile Duplicate Results and will come from support@vision2systems.com.

Note: If you use a ChMS integrated with V2 such as Rock, Ministry Platform, or PCO, merges should be done there first and NOT in V2.

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