Scan2 Release Notes

release notes for the Vision2 Scan2 software

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Scan2 version


  • We have improved the application performance.

  • You will no longer experience time outs and cascading error message boxes.

  • Unposted check batches are now listed in descending order (newest to oldest).


  • We are providing better messaging to clearly indicate when the application is running a task.

  • The Eject button has been renamed. It is now Reset Scanner.

  • The Reset Scanner button and the Status indicator button have been moved to the lower right corner of the application.

  • The final status for a scanned item is now Uploaded (previous final status was Finished).


  • We will provide automatic updates after the first install of the new application. When you launch the scanning application, a popup message will indicate a new version of the application is available.

  • Batch create date/time stamps are now visible in the application.

  • The version number is visible in the lower left corner of the application.

  • If the scanner is in an error status, you can hover your mouse over Status indicator to see messaging related to the error.

  • The batch you are currently working in will now be highlighted in the batch list on the left side of the application.

  • When using a batch template that does not have a default designation selected, you will now see a message to indicate the scanned item count and dollar amount will not update, but the images will be uploaded to the admin portal so you can complete the matching and batch post.

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