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Duplicate Individual Profile Rejection for MP Integration
Duplicate Individual Profile Rejection for MP Integration

Understand the process for rejecting duplicate profiles polled from MP to V2

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Vision2 places a high priority on data integrity. As a result, Vision2 will reject an individual Contact polled from MP if we detect it is a duplicate of an existing individual profile. We will also create a Relationship in MP of type Duplicate Of and place a note on both Contact records in MP regarding the duplicate detected. You will then be able to manage the duplicate Contacts in MP.

Let’s walk through the process:

  • We can see that Mr. Buttermilk has an existing MP Contact Id of 69211 that is tied to V2 Individual Profile Id 1419801.

  • In MP, an additional Contact was created for Mr. Buttermilk with a Contact Id of 69212.

  • Previously, V2 would have polled in the duplicate Contact and tied it to the existing profile in V2. The current integration process will not poll the duplicate Contact into V2. Instead, we will create a Duplicate Of Relationship in MP for both Contacts, indicating the original MP Contact Id.

Here are examples of how the Relationship will appear on the MP Contact records:

Original Record

Original Record (Note expanded)

Duplicate Record

Duplicate Record (Note expanded)

Important Notes

  • The MP Duplicate Finder routine runs periodically (typically overnight). The routine will create Duplicate Of Relationships as they are detected. If a Duplicate Of Relationship has already been created by MP, V2 will not create an additional Duplicate Of Relationship for the same set of Contacts.

  • The Duplicate Of Relationships created by V2 will appear in any MP views configured to list duplicate relationships.

  • Once you merge the Contacts in MP, V2 will pull updated information from the winning Contact in MP.

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