Entering Stock Donations

Steps to use add gift entry to record stock donations from your donors

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With the latest statements enhancments release, Vision2 now provides stock details on donor statements.

In the Gifts of Stocks and Securities section of the statement, you will see a list of stock donations, that will include the date of the gift, the number of shares donated, and the name/symbol of the stock.

Please note: Per IRS regulations, stock entries listed on the donor statement will not include the monetary value of the donated stock. That information will be supplied to your donor by their brokerage firm for tax purposes.

Steps to Enter Stock Donations

  • Login to Vision2 admin portal and click on the Data Entry tab

  • Under the Giving menu click the plus sign (+) to the right of the Gifts link

  • Click the drop-down list under Source to select the correct source for the gift

  • Verify the Site/Campus, Gift Date, and Channel are correct for this gift

  • In the Gift From? section, search for and select the donor

  • In the What is the gift for? section, click the Add Designation + button

  • Click the Designation drop-down list

  • Select the designation the donor wishes to support

  • Enter the stated Gift Amount

Please Note: If the gift amount entered is different than the calculated stock price, the entered amount is saved as the gift total. Best practice: Verify the entered amount matches the calculated amount before saving.

  • In the funding section, click the Stock tab

  • Click the Add Stock button

  • The stock entry fields will open

  • Enter the Brokerage Name

  • In the Stock Lookup search, click your mouse into the Search for Symbol area to type the symbol characters. A list of potential matches will be presented

  • Click the stock that matches the donation

Please note: if the stock symbol you need does not appear on the list, please send us a chat with the stock symbol and name of the stock so we can look into having it added.

  • Enter the listed Price per Share

  • Enter the Number of Shares donated

  • Click Save & I’m Done

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