The new GL auto-post feature processes your ledger files daily, separating them by account type and payment method. The daily auto-post ensures no entries are missed. With the included GL Dashboard, you can quickly reconcile your bank deposits at a glance while choosing to download files for your accounting software at a later time.

GL Dashboard Features


For each day, you will see up to six categories of information:

  • New Revenue - includes new payments for this date. Please note: new revenue is visible for Accrual based clients only, as Cash based recognizes revenue, expense, and cash on the date of settlement.

  • Changes - shows payment edits that require adjusting entries, for example: editing a payment from your Tithes fund to your Building fund

  • Offline Revenue - includes manually entered checks and cash gifts for this date. Please note: offline cash and checks must be entered into a batch in order to be listed here.

  • Credit Card - includes deposit information for donor payments made via credit card

  • ACH - includes deposit information for donor payments made via bank account

  • Check - includes deposit information for donor payments made via check and processed using the Vision2 Check Scanning feature

Select File for Download

You can download a file for entry into your accounting software. Simply select the Include checkbox for the file you wish to download and then click the Download and Reconcile Selected Items button.

You can also download a detailed list of transactions for the selected ledger file by clicking the Download Detail for Selected Items button.

Clear Indicator for Files Already Downloaded

Once a file has been downloaded, it is clearly marked to indicate you have previously downloaded the file for entry into your accounting software. The file is still available for download at any time.

Interested in More Information?

Now that we have a more flexible GL output, we can review your current chart of accounts design with you to see if we can update your ledger output to better suit your needs. When you are ready, please reach out to us using the chat feature in the admin portal (bottom right hand corner of any page) or by sending us an email to: We can't wait to hear from you!

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