In Vision2, each donation will have gift record and a payment record.

The gift is the intention of the donor to monetarily support to your organization. A one-time gift can be given immediately or scheduled for a future date. A gift can also be multiple instances set at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.). This type of gift is called a recurring gift or a recurring schedule.

The payment is the actual funding of the gift. It is the tax-deductible amount that appears on the donor's statement.

  • For an immediate donation, the gift and the payment will have the same date
  • For a one-time scheduled donation, the gift date and payment date will be different
  • In the recurring gift, you will see the original gift date (date the schedule was created), the future gift dates, and all payment dates related to the schedule.

Please note: a new gift record will not be created for each instance of the recurring gift. Recurring gift payments will be tied to the original recurring gift record.

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