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Mission Trip Participant Experience
Mission Trip Participant Experience

Workflow once a participant is accepted to a mission trip

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Once a participant has been accepted to the mission trip, they will receive the participant start email communication you previously configured. The email they receive will contain a link to their fundraising page.

  • Participant receives welcome email and clicks the link to go to their fundraising page

  • Participant will need to login to their donor account or register for an account before they can access their fundraising page

  • Once logged in, the participant will click on their account link

  • The participant will then click on the My Trips link

  • Once they are on their fundraising page, the participant will click the Edit button next to the mission trip

  • The participant will have three tabs to work in:

My Fundraiser

On this tab, the participant can upload a photo of themselves and enter a personal statement. They will also see their fundraising goal progress bar.

My Contacts

On this tab, the participant can add contacts to appeal for donations in support of the trip. Once the contact is added, they will receive your donor (contact) start email communication based on your previous configurations.


On this tab, the participant has access to two URLs (Link to My Personal Page and Link to Add Gift) that they can share on social media to directly appeal for donations.

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