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Slack Integration for Notifications
Sending and Viewing Slack Messages
Sending and Viewing Slack Messages

Use your Vision2-Slack integration to send and view messages

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Anyone logged into Vision2 can send a Slack message. The message sender’s name is recorded with the message being sent. Only those individuals who have been added to the Slack Channel (Team) will be able to access the message information.

Sending a Slack Message

  • On the V2 Admin Portal page in question(profile page, payment page, etc.), click the Alert icon in the upper right hand corner of the V2 Admin Portal 

  •  The alert notice will include the page URL from which you are sending the alert message

  •  Type your message and click the Notify button 

Viewing Slack Messages

Once you have installed the Slack application on your local computer or mobile phone, you will receive message alerts directed to your channel. The message sent by the V2 Admin Portal user is a clickable link that will take you back to the page from which the message was sent.


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