Setup Slack Notifications

Slack setup is a two-part process

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Slack Team Sign-up

  • Type your email address in the Email address text box

  • Click the Create New Team button

  • Enter your six digit confirmation code, received via email from Slack, into the email address verification box

  • Once Slack confirms your code, complete the sign-up information and click Next 

  • Create your password and click Next

  • Create your Slack Team Name

  • Create your Slack domain name and click Next 

  • You can send invitations to your teammates now, or you can send them at a later time 

  • You can explore Slack now, or skip the tutorial 

Enable V2-Slack Integration

  • Navigate to Administration > Integrations > Alerts

  •  Click the Authorize Slack button

  •  Click the Authorize button to enable the Slack team you just created

  • You will be redirected to the Vision2 Admin Portal login screen. You will need to login with your V2 subdomain, user name, and password. Once logged in, you will be redirected to theV2 alert integration page.

  • Use the Channel text boxes to assign channels (Slack Teams) to Event Types. 

Please note: To isolate event type messages to specific teams, you will need to create additional channels and assign team members to those channels in the Slack portal. You will then use the V2 Integration Subscriptions section to assign your channels to the appropriate Event Types. (See image examples below)There are additional event types you can enable (including Recurring Gift Stopped and Failed Merchant Authorization) by clicking the Add Subscription + button. Please feel free to remove any Event Type in the list that you do not wish to monitor by clicking the red X to the right of each item.

  • Click the Save Subscriptions button once you have finished assigning channels 

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