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Check and Envelope Scanning
Working with Scanned Batches in the Admin Portal
Working with Scanned Batches in the Admin Portal

Once your batch items have been scanned, it is time to match the gifts to donor profiles and post your batches

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This article contains four sections: 

  • basic workflow

  • match a donor

  • split designations

  • add a premium item

Basic Workflow

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to Data Entry > Batch Entry > Batches

  • Click on the name of the batch in question

  • Scroll down to the Batch Item Summary section and review the Errors column 

  • For any item that needs manual intervention, click the pencil to the left of that item. Please note: Most often, this will happen the first time you scan a check from a donor. Once the routing & account numbers are matched to a donor, you will not need to repeat the process for the same donor. 

  • In the Gift From ? section, select An Individual, An Organization, or Anonymous depending on the donation

  • In the Profile Information section, type the donor name and hit your Tab key. Potential matches will populate on the right hand side of the screen. 

  • Click the Select button to pick the matching profile. Please note: If the profile does not exist, complete the required items. The profile will be created in your V2 Admin Portal once you save this screen.

  • To edit the next item in the batch, click the Save & Next Item button

  • If this is your final edit for the batch, click the Save & I’m Done button

  • Once all items in the batch have been matched and all of your edits are complete, click the Save and Post Batch button. Please note: the checks will not process, nor will the donor records update, until you have posted the batch.

Match a Donor

  • In this example, we are looking for the Vision2 organization profile. We type Vision in the name field and hit the Tab key. The Vision2 profile appears on the right hand side 

  • Clicking the Select button populates the profile information and closes the Gift From ? section.  

  •  To change the donor, click the An Individual or An Organization button to reopen the Profile Information button

  • The What is the gift for? section will auto-populate based on the batch template settings. To edit the gift, click the link 

Split Designations

  •  To split the gift into multiple designations, click the Add Designation + button. You will need to manually adjust the total given for each designation to match the total given on the check.

  • In the Designation Search box, type an asterisk (*) and select the designation from the list

  • In the Gift Amount, type the dollar amount donated to this designation

  • You will need to edit the original gift amount for the first designation

Add Premium Item

  •  Once the donor has been matched to the scanned donation, click the link to edit in the What is the gift for? section

  •  Click the Choose Premium button

  • In Search for Package search box, type an asterisk (*

  • For the Ship to the person giving check box, leaving the box checked means you will send the gift to the donor. Unchecking this box means you will send the gift to someone other than the donor. Complete the fields with the Receiver’s shipping information.

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