There are three scanners that have been tested and are in production with Vision2: 

  • Digital Check TellerScan TS240

  • Digital Check TellerScan TS230

  • Epson TM-S1000

Please note: The preferred scanner is the Digital Check TellerScan TS240

Please follow these steps to install the scanner and software

  • Install your scanner following the manufacturer instructions

  • Download and install the Scan2 by Vision2 check scanning software

  • When the software install is complete, there will be a shortcut on your desktop titled Scan2 by Vision2. Right click that icon and select Properties

  • Select the Compatibility tab and select the run this program as an administrator checkbox

  • Click Apply

  • Click OK

  • On your desktop, double click the Scan2 by Vision2 icon to launch the program

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  • In the Client Domain text box, enter your domain name

    Please Note: The client domain will only need to be entered the first time you launch the application. Your client domain is the same as your V2 Admin portal subdomain. For example: if your admin portal URL is, your client domain for the scanning software is mychurch.

  • The remaining settings should be pre-filled. Please Note: The Time Zone setting is the current time zone on your computer.

  • Click the Close button at the bottom of the settings page to save your changes

  • Now you are ready to login with the same email address and password you use to login to the V2 Admin Portal

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