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Envelope-only Scanned Batches
Envelope-only Scanned Batches

Create scanned batches for cash envelopes

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Pre-Scan Tasks

Before scanning your batches, please make sure you have separated your envelopes into batches that correspond to your created batch templates (church service time, campus, etc.). Additionally, please run a tape on each batch, as the total dollar amount (as well as the number of items) is required when creating the new batch.

Create New Batch(es) in Admin Portal

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to Data Entry > Batch Entry > Batches

  • Click the Add a new Batch + button

  • In the Batch Number text box, provide a name for this batch. It is recommended to use a standard naming convention for your batches.

  • In the Batch Template search box, type an asterisk (*) and select the template you wish to use for this batch

  • In the Batch Date text box, type the date that you wish to show on donor statements as the gift date

  • In the Batch Details section, in the Planned Number of Items in this Batch, type the number of checks this batch contains

  • In the Batch Details section, in the Planned Receipt Amount text box, type the dollar amount from the tape for this batch

  • Review the Selected Template Details section to ensure you selected the correct batch template

  • Click Save & I'm Done

Scan Batches

  • Launch the Vision2 Check Scanning software

  • Login with your V2 admin portal username and password

  • Select the batch you will be scanning to from the list on the left-hand side

  • Place the first envelope in the scanner hopper. Please note: Envelopes must be placed into the hopper one at a time

  • Click the This Batch Contains Envelopes Only button

  • Click the Play button to scan the first envelope

  • The scanned envelope will appear. Type in the dollar amount from the envelope

  • Place the next envelope in the scanner hopper and click the return button

  • When you have finished scanning your envelopes, click the return button one more time. You will be taken to the main batch screen and the images will upload to admin portal

  • When your Planned totals equal your Actual totals and all items have a status of Uploaded, you have completed scanning this batch.

    Please note: if the batch template you selected for this batch doesn't have a default designation associated, the Actual totals will not update in Scan2. However, the images will upload to admin portal so you can edit the items and post the batch.

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