Every giving opportunity on your website requires a web acknowledgement. Web acknowledgements are created on the giving source of each designation. A default giving source is automatically created for each designation you create on the Finance tab.


You can access acknowledgements in two ways:

From the Designation:

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Finance > Designations > click the designation type (example: Funds) > Click the Designation Name link
  • Scroll down to the Marketing section and click the Default Giving Source link

From the Marketing tab:

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Marketing > Web Sources > Giving Sources or Pledge Sources
  • Click the Pencil next to the giving/pledge source you need to edit

Once you are on the Acknowledgement page:

  • In the Acknowledgements section, click the Edit button under Web
  • Click the Preview button
  • Click the Edit Template button
  • Click on the Body tag on the bottom of the form
  • This is the default message that will appear on the web page when the donor successfully submits their gift. You will want to keep this message short.
  • Under the edit box, you will find a list of template data that you can use to personalize the message your donor receives. For example: You can add the donor’s first name to the thank you line by placing the following between the words you and for: , #{{FirstName}},
  • Click Preview and Save
  • Verify that the acknowledgement appears as you expected
  • Click Save & Exit
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