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What are account segments and how they are used?
What are account segments and how they are used?

Revenue reporting segments that are available in V2

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We realize that there are many different philosophies to manage fund accounting and reporting in your general ledger. We provide the following segments to report revenue:

  • designation

  • fund

  • restriction type

  • campus

  • payment method

  • channel

Vision2 uses a dynamic assembly process for accounts. This allows you to set the segments once and we assemble the account combinations for you dynamically. For example:  Your organization uses a site-designation-channel combination. You have 3 campuses, 12 designations, and 10 channels, which combines to 360 possible accounts in your chart of accounts design. In Vision2, you only have to enter the original 25 segments. From there, we will automatically generate and assign the 360 accounts.

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