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How do I lookup a premium order?
How do I lookup a premium order?

View the shipping status and/or details of a catalog item

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To look up an order for a donor, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Data Entry > People > Individuals

  • Click Use Advanced Search button (if you are not already in advanced search mode)

  • Enter a combination of the donor’s First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address and/or Physical Address

  • Click Search

  • A list of potential matches will populate below the search fields

  • Click on the Name of the individual

  • On the donor’s Profile Details page, click the Reports button in the upper right hand corner

  • Click on the Fulfillment tab

  • Scroll down to see a list of fulfillment orders and their statuses. For each order, you will see the Receiver, Status, Items in the order, Date Created and Date Shipped.

  • If the list is several pages long, you can use the search feature to locate a specific order. You can search by Status, Created Date Range, Shipped Date Range and Catalog Item.

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