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How do I create offline giving sources for premiums?
How do I create offline giving sources for premiums?

Add a premium ask ladder to your offline sources (allows shipment of catalog items for donations entered in the V2 admin portal)

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To create premium sources for offline data entry, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Offline Sources > General Sources > +

  • In the Name text box, provide a name for this source

  • In the Description text box, enter a description for this source

  • In the Marketing Effort drop-down box, select the marketing effort

  • In the Channel drop-down box, select the channel for these donations

  • In the Source Code text box, enter a unique, short-code identifier for this source. This will streamline data entry.

  • Click the Use Ask Ladder for Premiums button

  • In the AskLadderID drop-down box, select the premium ask ladder for this source

  • Click + Save & Add Another to add an additional general source

  • Click Save & I’m Done when you are finished adding your offline sources

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