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How do I add a volunteer to a mission trip opportunity?
How do I add a volunteer to a mission trip opportunity?

Add mission trip participants

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  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Volunteering > Opportunities > Mission Trips. Please Note: This view defaults to mission trips with a status of Active. Use the Trip Status drop down list to search for mission trips in different statuses.

  • Click the name of the mission trip to which the volunteer will be added

  • Click the Add Volunteer button next to the appropriate volunteer role. Please Note: In the mission trip details view, volunteers are grouped according to their volunteer role. Please verify you are adding the volunteer to the correct volunteer role.

  • In the Add Volunteer search box, search for and select the volunteer interested in participating.

  • In the Participant Status drop down box, select the appropriate status for the volunteer:

Pending review: the volunteer is currently in the mission trip application process
Approved – Waitlist:
the volunteer is approved to participate, but placed on the waitlist as the role/trip is full
the volunteer is now a participant of the specified mission trip. The participant start communication series will launch for this participant based on your configuration settings.
participant has been removed from the mission trip. Hint: This is typically used when an accepted participant needs to back out of the mission trip. This would free up a spot to add an Approved – Waitlist participant.
volunteer has been declined for this mission trip opportunity

  • Click the Add Volunteer button. Please Note: this view defaults to participants with a status of Accepted. Use the drop down list to search for volunteers in different statuses.

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