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How do I create batch templates?
How do I create batch templates?

Create batch templates for use with offline gift entry

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Creating batch templates will streamline your data entry process, reducing the amount of time it takes to enter batches each week. Please follow the steps below to create your batch templates in the Vision2 admin portal:

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to Data Entry > Batch Templates > Batch Templates

  • Click the Add a new Template + button

  • In the Template Name text box, provide a name that references the service time, campus location (if applicable) and payment type

  • In the Template Description text box, provide a description of this template

  • Make sure the batch template is marked Active

  • In the Source search box, type an asterisk (*) and select the source that matches the service time and location for this template

  • In the Configuration section, Select the checkbox next to Are the template fields editable during batch entry? This will allow you to make one-off adjustments to items in the batch.

  • In the Default Site/Campus for Gifts drop-down list, select the site associated with this batch template

  • In the Deposit Bank Account drop-down list, select Default Deposit Account

  • In the Channel drop-down box, select the manner in which you received the donations (Face to Face, Mail, etc.)

  • In the Batch item will use funding section, click the appropriate funding method (Cash, Check, etc.) button

  • If you selected Check as your funding method and wish to see the check number, click the Show Check Number check box

  • In the Default Designations For Gift section, click the Add Designation + button

  • In the Designation search box, type an asterisk (*) and select the designation to be associated with this batch template

  • Click Save & Add Another if you have additional batch templates to create

  • click Save & I’m Done if you are finished creating your batch templates

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