Yes! Vision2 now offers a separate text to give (T2G) number for each of your campus locations. This allows you to assign a default SMS source code for each site’s T2G number, removing the need for donors to use a hashtag and source code (give #WestTithes 500).

For example: you setup an SMS source for each site’s Tithe fund. Donors can text give 500 to their campus T2G number and Vision2 will process a $500 donation to the Tithe fund for that donor’s campus.

How it Works

 Your first T2G number 

You will select a T2G number from a list provided by Vision2. This number is applied to your primary campus and requires the standard setup for T2G.

Your additional T2G numbers

You will select your additional T2G numbers from a list provided by Vision2. You will determine what number to assign to each campus. Vision2 will manage the connections on the back end. The only setup in admin portal is to create a default SMS Source for each campus and assign it to the campus.

Assign a default SMS source to each campus

Location: Finance > Sites > Sites > Click the name of the site you need to edit > Text to Give section

  • In the Search for SMS Source search box, type an asterisk (*) to see your list of available SMS sources

  • Select the SMS source for use with this site

  • Click Save & I’m Done

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