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Find a Donor by the Last 4 Numbers of Their Payment Method
Find a Donor by the Last 4 Numbers of Their Payment Method

Steps to locate a donor profile using the last four digits of a previous payment method

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If you receive card or bank account payment information to process a donation, but do not have the donor name, you may be able to locate their profile using the last four numbers of their payment method.

Steps to Follow

  • Go to Finance > Payments > Use Simple Search

  • Enter the last 4 numbers into the search field and click Search

  • When the search results populate below the search box, click the Download Information button to open the results in Excel

  • Open the file and click the row with the column heading names

  • Click Sort & Filter

  • Click Filter from the menu that pops up

  • Scroll over to column AE and click the drop down arrow

  • From the list that pops up, un-check all items that do not end in the last 4 numbers you are looking for

  • You will need to review each of the profiles for the remaining items to see if you can find a match based on other information provided by the donor. You may also want to contact the donor to verify it is their donation before processing. 

Please Note: this method works fairly well to find donors that have given with the payment method in the past. If they are a new giver or it is a new payment method, this process won't help.

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