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V2 Setup Session 4: Check Scanning
V2 Setup Session 4: Check Scanning

Steps to install, configure, and use the V2 check scanning feature

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Target Users: Data Entry, Finance
โ€‹Vision2 Lead: Implementation Consultant
โ€‹Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Check scanning account. This account is typically created during your application process. If you do not have a check scanning account, please let your Implementation Consultant know and they will help you get that process started.

  • Compatible check scanner

  • Computer that meets minimum requirements

Session 4 includes an overview of the check scanning process with your Implementation Consultant, followed by 5 sets of steps. These steps allow you to prepare for check scanning and processing.

Step 1: install your scanner following manufacturer instructions

Note: If you need a copy of the driver for your scanner, you can download from this link: Install the TellerScan Driver (TS240)

Step 2: Download and install the V2Scan2 software

Step 3: Prepare and scan your check batches

Step 4: Prepare and scan your cash envelope batches

Step 5: Edit, match, and post your scanned batches

You can find additional help articles supporting the check scanning process here

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