Target Users: Data Entry, Finance
Vision2 Lead: Implementation Consultant
Duration: 1.5 hours 

Session 3 includes an overview of data entry in the Vision2 Admin Portal with your Implementation Consultant, followed by 5 sets of steps. These steps allow you to prepare your admin portal for offline data entry, including single item and batch entry. This will also prepare your admin portal for working with scanned check batches, if you choose to implement the check scanning feature.

Step 1: If you are a multi-campus church/organization, you will need to setup a site for each location to record giving by campus

Step 2: To record giving by church service, you will need to setup a church service that corresponds to each of your services

Step 3: To record giving that is not tied to a church service (mailed-in, dropped-off, etc.), you will need to create a general source for each method of receipt

Step 4: Once your sites, church services, and/or general sources have been created, it is time to setup batch templates to help streamline your weekly offline gift entry

Step 5: It is now time to walk through single gift entry and offline batch entry with your V2 Implementation Consultant. This session will also include handling anonymous cash, splitting gifts to multiple designations, and entering gifts on behalf of someone else

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