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V2 Setup Session 2: Website Configuration
V2 Setup Session 2: Website Configuration

Steps to configure the widget landing pages for your website

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Target Users: Website Lead, IT Lead
Vision2 Lead: Implementation Consultant
Duration: 1-2 hours

  • SSL Certificate installed on your website. This is provided by your website host.

  • SendGrid DNS settings added. Your Implementation Consultant will provide the information you need to give to your domain name host.

 Session 2 includes an overview of the Vision2 widgets with your Implementation Consultant. You will learn about the different widgets available and ideas for how to use them. You will also learn how to test your configurations to ensure they are operational.

The length of this session will vary based on the widgets you choose to implement. There is a basic set of widgets required to process online gifts. There are additional widgets you can choose to implement, including text to give.

Please note: this session does not include placing mission trips on your website. We offer a separate implementation session to setup and publish your mission trips.

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