If you report revenue by service day/time, you will need to create a church service for each service you offer. Please follow these steps to create the church service in admin portal.

  • Click on the Marketing tab

  • In the Offline Sources menu section, click on the Church Services link

  • Click the Add a Church Service + button

  • In the Service Name text box, provide a name for this service

  • In the Description text box, provide a description of the service

  • In the Source Code text box, enter an easy lookup code for offline data entry. For example: for the 9:00 AM Sunday service at your main campus, you could use: MCS9A

  • In the Site search box, click the drop-down arrow and select the site for this church service

  • If you select the wrong site, you can change it by clicking the Change Site button

  • In the Account Segment text box, enter your GL account segment for this church service

  • In the Event Calendar section, click the Add Schedule button

  • Complete the schedule fields according to the church service schedule. Example: This service occurs every Sunday at 9:00 AM

  • If you have additional services to create, click the Save & Add Another button

  • Click the Save & I’m Done button when finished

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