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Two Factor Authentication (Admin Portal)
Two Factor Authentication (Admin Portal)

Admins have the option of enabling 2FA for logging into the Admin portal

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Vision2 gives the option of enabling Two Factor Authentication for the Admin Portal.

Contact Support via chat or to have this feature enabled.


The initial login page remains unchanged. After entering email address and password users will be asked for emailed Verification Code:

After entering Verification Code users will be prompted to enter optional mobile number to receive code via SMS instead of it being emailed.

To continue having codes emailed, click on "Proceed to Portal."

If mobile number was entered, subsequent codes will be sent via SMS with the last four digits of the mobile number displayed as seen below:


  • The mobile number is separate from any phone number listed on the user's Profile page in V2. This number will only show on Admin>Users page

  • Even if a user has a mobile number already on their Profile page, a number must be entered to receive codes via SMS for security reasons.

  • This is ONLY for the Admin Portal. There currently is not a 2FA option for donor logins.


If 2FA has been enabled, the steps for resetting a password remains unchanged. A verification code will be requested the NEXT time the user logs in after resetting their password.

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