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How do I enter giving goals?
How do I enter giving goals?

Steps to create giving goals for your current giving campaign

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This article will walk you through entering giving goals in the V2 admin portal. This article assumes you have already created the campaign for the goals that you will be entering. Please see this help article to create a campaign.

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and click on the Data Entry tab

  • From the left-hand menu, under the Giving section, click the Plus Sign (+) next to the Search Giving Goals link

  • On the Create a Giving Goal page, select Individual or Organization

  • Then search for and select the donor (this is just like the gift entry work flow. If the donor does not exist, complete the Profile Information section and their record will be created when you submit the goal)

  • In the Campaign Goal section under Marketing Campaign, click the drop down arrow to see a list of your active campaigns.

  • Click the campaign that this goal will support

  • In the Amount text box, type the dollar amount of the goal

  • Use the Channel drop down list to record how the goal was received (Telephone, Face to Face, etc.)

  • You can add a note for this goal, should you choose

  • If the donor profile has an email address, the system will send an acknowledgement for the giving goal. If you do not want to send an acknowledgement, click the Do Not Send Email Acknowledgement check box

  • Click Save & I'm Done

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