You can setup a future gift or a recurring gift schedule on behalf of a donor by following the steps below

  • Navigate to Data Entry > People > Individuals
  • Search for the individual
  • In the list of returned individuals, click the gift icon next to the individual
  • In the Source search box, type an asterisk (*) and select the appropriate source from the list
  • Make any necessary changes to the Site/Campus, Gift Date (Gift Date can be back-dated up to 20 days, otherwise use Today's Date in this field), and Channel fields
  • In the What is the gift for? section, click the Add Designation + button
  • In the Designation search box, type an asterisk (*) in the search box and select the designation from the list
  • In the Gift Amount text box, enter the dollar amount for the donation
  • To schedule this gift for the future or setup a recurring gift, click the Add Schedule button
  • One-time gift for a future date: Select Once and enter the date to process
  • Recurring gift: Select the recurrence pattern (weekly, monthly, etc.), set the day of the week, and set the date to start.

Please note: You can add an end date if the donor wishes, by clicking the Add End Date button

Please note: if the donor does not want a donation (one-time or recurring) to process today, you will need to click the purple edit button to remove the Payment to Apply Today.

Make sure the Payment to Apply Today field zeroes out. If the donor changes their mind and would like to add a payment for today, click the purple lock button to re-add today’s payment.

  • For additional donations, click the Add Designation + button under the first gift details
  • Click Save & I’m Done when finished
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