In this section, you will create volunteer requirements that will later be grouped into volunteer roles.

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Volunteering > Volunteer Requirements > Add

  • In the Name text box, provide a name for the requirement. Best practice: using generic names vs. trip-specific names will allow you to reuse the requirements you create

  • In the RequirementType drop down list, select the appropriate type and complete the required fields 

Background Check

 if this type is selected, the Required Value is automatically set to Must pass background check

Minimum Age

The age an individual must be/exceed to participate

Maximum Age 

The oldest an individual can be to participate


 Current options are Male and Female

Yes or No

 Forces the requirement to a yes or no response. For example: to require a valid passport

Yes or No With an Expiration Date

future functionality

Yes or No With a Value

 future functionality

  • Click Save & I’m Done

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