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What user roles are available in Vision2?
What user roles are available in Vision2?

Vision2 user roles and steps to setup a new admin portal user

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Access to information in Vision2 is controlled by user roles. This article will walk you through creating new admin portal user accounts. The list of available user roles is further down in this article.

Please follow these steps to send a new admin portal user invitation:

  • Click the Administration tab

  • On the left-hand menu, under the Users section, click the Plus Sign (+)

  • Complete the Invite Organization User section with the user's first and last name, phone number, email address, and a password. Please Note: They will be asked to reset their password.

  • In the Choose Roles section, select the role from the Assigned User Role drop-down. Use the Add a Role + button to add additional roles your user may need. A list of the role permissions can be found further down in this article.

  • Once finished, click the Save & I'm Done button.

  • Before the new user confirms their account, you can find them listed on the Pending page

  • Once the user confirms their registration, you can see them listed on the Find page

Here are the role definitions:

Finance permission: 

Sees all data and functionality of the application except Administration. The Finance role is the only role that can see current and historical payment information. 

Administrator permission: 

Add/delete users to the application, administers integration options to external systems, and single sign on options 

Please Note: The combination of the Finance and Administrator permissions has 100% visibility to all V2 functionality 

Data Entry permission:

Add profiles, gifts, batches.  Search for people, organizations, and households. Import historical data.  Cannot see historical financial information .

Fundraising permission: 

Search for people, households, and organizations.  Add profiles for organizations and people.  Edit copy content and images for designations.  Add photos to the library.  Use all the marketing tools.  Cannot see financial information. 

Communications permission:

Add photos and view all the widget code and previews for the purpose of adding widgets to your website.  Cannot see financial information .

Volunteer Coordinator permission: 

Manage short term mission trip participants.  Approve/remove participants, manage fundraising goals, trip requirements and roles, access to the giving report for trips, visibility of funds raised for each participant.  Approval rights for participant photos and personal statement that are publicly visible on the church websites.  Cannot see additional financial information. 

Shipping permission:

Only used for inventory management, picking and shipping of catalog items associated with a gift.  I.E. For a $50 dollar donation, a DVD is shipped to the donor. Cannot see financial information.

Relationship Manager permission:

Designed for the use of the system by a Major Gifts Officer of the organization.  A combination of Data Entry and Fundraising permissions.

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