In Vision2, a designation is a giving opportunity. There are several designation types available for use in Vision2.


A fund is the unit that reports to your General Ledger. A fund is used in two ways in Vision2:

  • As a direct giving opportunity

  • Associated with every other designation type for reporting purposes

General Designation

A general designation is a giving opportunity that is perpetual in nature. A general designation must be tied to a fund in Vision2. 


A project is used to raise funds for a specific effort. A project must be tied to a fund in Vision2. Here are some features of a project:

  • Start and end dates

  • Project coordinator email address

  • Project location information

  • Links to project URLs

With the exception of the start and end date, all of the information above is included on the project details web page. 


A campaign is similar to a project, with the added ability to associate several designation types (funds, projects, and general designations). A campaign must be tied to a primary fund in Vision2.

For example: you have a 2 year capital campaign to increase the capacity of the sanctuary, pave a parking lot, and double the size of the children’s worship area. You will create the Capital Campaign in Vision2 and add it to your website.

You can then create a project for each of the following:

  • Pave Parking lot

  • Expand Sanctuary

  • Double Children’s Worship Center

You can then add each individual project to you website and link them to the Capital Campaign. This allows you to honor donor giving intent (email acknowledgements and statements), while allowing the church reach the campaign goal and maintain accurate campaign reporting. 

Mission Trip

A mission trip allows you to manage donor communications, participant communications, fundraising efforts, and provides a personal fundraising page for each participant. A mission trip must be tied to a fund in Vision2. 

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