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How do I configure a mission trip?
How do I configure a mission trip?

Steps to configure a mission trip in the admin portal

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Please note: these steps assume you have already created your first mission trip. If you have not, please visit this article: Setup a Mission Trip

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to: Finance > Designations > Mission Trips > Add (+)

  • In the Mission Trip Name text box, provide a name for the mission trip. Best Practice: including Mission Trip in the name allows for streamlined administration down the road.

  • In the Mission Trip Status drop-down box, select the appropriate status

  • In the Short Description text box, provide a sentence or two to help your donors understand the intent of the trip. This will be visible on your Giving Opportunities web page, if you add the mission trip to your promo list.

  • In the Long Description text box, provide a paragraph or two detailing the mission trip. If the mission trip is available on your promo list, your donors will see this information when they click the Learn More link on the Giving Opportunities web page.

  • Leave the Giving Basket Category Name text box empty

  • In the Designation Code text box, provide a unique, short code to be used internally

  • In the AccountSegment text box, provide your General Ledger code

  • Under the Media section, click the Change Photo button under the Web Photo item. This photo will be visible on the Giving Opportunities page and the Mission Trip Details page (this is where the long description lands)

  • Search for and select the image for the mission trip

  • Click the Use Selected Photo button

  • Under the Trip Details section, in the Trip Fundraising Goal per participant text box, enter the dollar amount to be raised by each participant

  • In the Minimum Number of Participants text box, enter the minimum number of participants required for the mission trip to occur 

  • In the Maximum Number of Participants text box, enter the largest number of participants that will be accepted for the mission trip

  • In the Public Facing Name Format for Participant drop down list, select the format that your participants' names will be displayed on your website. 

  • Selecting the Is Content Approval Required check box will allow you to approve/reject the participants' photos and personal statements. Please note: This setting is optional

  • In the Start Date field, enter the date that the mission trip actually starts. The fundraising period will run up until that date.

  • In the End Date field, enter the date the mission trip will end

  • Under the Marketing section, in the Fundraising Campaign search box, type an asterisk (*)

  • Select the appropriate Mission Trip Fundraising Appeal

  • In the Mission Trip Participant Campaign search field, type an asterisk (*)

  • Select the appropriate Mission trip Volunteer Fundraiser Appeal

  • Under the Fund Restriction section, in the Fund search box, search for and select the fund to be associated with this mission trip

  • Click Save & I'm Done

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